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About Chamber Music @ Worcester

The Chamber Music @ Worcester Festival - artistic directors the Astaria String Quartet - is an annual Festival promoting Music in the Community concerts, education workshops and chamber music recitals of the highest quality in Worcester and the surrounding areas. It aims to create a vibrant, accessible and enjoyable environment, where people of all ages can interact with classical chamber music concerts and events. The Chamber Music @ Worcester Festival delivers opportunities where musicians and composers can collaborate with members of the community to produce a music festival for the whole family.

Aims of the Festival

To find and use a venue that reflects the space for which chamber music was written.

To benefit the local community and encourage young people to become involved in making music, enabling them to participate in learning about and playing chamber music.

To attract a diverse audience base through the programming of an exciting mix of repertoire.

To make Chamber Music @ Worcester a financially sustainable annual event.


Michael Bochmann

'The Astaria Quartet is a very innovative and exciting group of musicians who have brought original programming ideas to all their concerts. Their delight in the music they play is wonderfully apparent and this transfers itself to the listeners in an infectious way. Their individual approach, style of delivery and polished playing is not to be missed. Introducing works from the English repertoire is one of their fortes and through them I have got to know a number of pieces that I had been quite unaware of. Their new festival is an opportunity for us to broaden our horizons in a very pleasurable way'.

Michael Bochmann MBE


Chris Jaeger

'The Astaria Quartet is exciting – the musicians are young, the repertoire wide and the adrenalin levels high. It is rare to find professional musicians with the enthusiasm and commitment of these four people and their concerts are exciting and hugely enjoyable occasions. It is genuinely a pleasure and an honour to be a patron for their festival Chamber Music @ Worcester'.

Chris Jaeger MBE

Chief Executive Worcester Live