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Morning Masterclasses




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With members of the Astaria String Quartet

Astaria String Quartet Closeup

This is the in-house education project for the Chamber Music @ Worcester Festival and will be hosted by members of the Astaria String Quartet.

If you are learning to play the violin, viola or 'cello, it's the chance for you to come and perform in public, have fun and learn some new stuff. 

We would love you to invite your friends and family to come and listen to you and we will do our best to show you some 'trade secrets', short cuts to practise as well as offering advice, suggestions and feedback on all aspects of your playing and performance.

A pianist will be available and for those performers who show the most promise we offer a chance to play their piece again in our 'Community Concert' as part of our festival weekend in October.

Please remember to let us have a copy of what you are playing.