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'The Long Road to Passchendaele'

In memoriam to three hundred thousand Bravehearts who gave their lives

for String Quartet by Tom Wells

Long road to Passchendaele' was inspired by the story of 300,000 Scots who gave their lives at the Battle of Passchendaele one hundred years ago in 1917. 

The suite has three short movements. The Andante opening is intended to provide a glimpse of Edwardian Scotland prior to the outbreak of the First World War. Its simple Gaelic style melody is shared amongst each of the instruments. The Allegro section is intended to reflect the true horror of trench warfare. The movement becomes increasingly agitated and discordant as it builds to a climax.

The final Adagio movement is really just a simple Scots lament and concludes with a gentle reprise of original theme in the opening movement.